Friday, November 27, 2009

A Raven in Disguise

October 31 2009

Can anybody tell what the Raven dressed up as for Halloween?

Give up? A Cardinal!

(Although, a bird biologist friend said he could have also passed for a Western Tanager.)

He was the Best Dressed Raven in the Owyhee desert!

A Raven Climbing in Sisters, Oregon

August 15 2009

The Raven climbed a little mountain outside of Sisters, Oregon. It wasn't as high as North Sister and South Sister... it was just a little sister.

A little snow at the trailhead.

A little rest break on the way up.

The views are fabulous up here.

A pine tree with a view.

The creek was busy.

The waterfalls looked fun.

Time for a treat after the hard hike!

Hard to decide what to get!

Susie shared a sample.