Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back 'Home' to Oreana

Tuesday February 26 2008

The Raven was sad to leave Jose and Rhett in Arizona, but they are getting well and are getting good care, and he's got more horses to take care of in Oreana.

Diego was happiest to see the return of the Raven and gave him one big love bite on the beak. Diego introduced the Raven to Kazam, their first time to meet.

While Diego dozed, the Raven hopped on his back for a quick ride.

Although the Raven is home wherever he is, he's glad to be back in lovely Oreana.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Eastern Mojave Scenic Ride

Monday February 18 2008

The Raven went to the 3-day Eastern Mojave Scenic Ride. He was quite excited. We left Scottsdale in the rain (more rain!), and arrived at ridecamp near Baker, CA, in the Mojave National Preserve, 6 hours later.

It's 1.6 million acres of desert, mountain ranges, cinder cones and dry river beds.

The horse we were supposed to ride couldn't come at the last minute, but another friend Ann offered us her extra horse Razzy.

We rode Day 1, 50 miles, on Razzy, through magnificent Joshua tree forests, (those things HURT!), cactus gardens (where the Raven and I were glad we were not bucked off), historic tin cans and the rusted frame of an ancient Chevy, and past old gold and silver mines.

We finished our ride (that made 1000 miles for Razzy!), and the Raven gave Razzy a thank-you carrot.

Since the Raven hadn't done an endurance ride since September, he got a little sore and needed a few pick-me-ups afterwards.

The Raven was thrilled to meet some of his Aussie fans - Skip (the 'Roo) and Cackles (the Kookaburra) , and 5 Aussie endurance riders, , Becca, Jay, Jane, Lela, and Kim. The Raven hopes to see these gals again at the Quilty - Australia's famous 100-mile endurance ride - in Queensland, Australia, in September!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Tuesday February 5 2008

The Raven II's been taking his Horse Care Job very seriously here in Arizona. He checks on Jose and Rhett to make sure they are getting better.

He gives lots of get well kisses (Jose loves them).

When he's not nursing horses, he's enjoying the nature around the desert. Just like the other birds around here - hawks and flickers and phainopeplas and owls - he can sit on top of the cactus without getting hurt.

He likes the barrel cactus

and the saguaro

and the cholla

and the baby cactus

and the agave.

He found a bird nest, wondering if he might fit inside.

He likes Sebby the dog

and the garden sculpture.

He's gearing up for the 3-day Eastern Mojave Scenic ride February 16-18, although he hasn't ridden in a long time and will probably be sore (but he'll still be happy). He's looking forward to meeting some visiting Aussies there, including Jay Randle, one of his biggest fans!