Friday, November 27, 2009

A Raven in Disguise

October 31 2009

Can anybody tell what the Raven dressed up as for Halloween?

Give up? A Cardinal!

(Although, a bird biologist friend said he could have also passed for a Western Tanager.)

He was the Best Dressed Raven in the Owyhee desert!

A Raven Climbing in Sisters, Oregon

August 15 2009

The Raven climbed a little mountain outside of Sisters, Oregon. It wasn't as high as North Sister and South Sister... it was just a little sister.

A little snow at the trailhead.

A little rest break on the way up.

The views are fabulous up here.

A pine tree with a view.

The creek was busy.

The waterfalls looked fun.

Time for a treat after the hard hike!

Hard to decide what to get!

Susie shared a sample.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Raven Rides Tevis!

Sunday August 2 2009

Another first - first Raven to ride Tevis, first Raven to finish Tevis!!! That's the 100 Miles One Day Tevis Cup from near Truckee, California, to Auburn, California.

These are the Sierra Nevada mountains we'd be crossing.\

The official Tevis trail!

Nance and her horses Quinn and Jasbo. We'd be riding the gray Quinn. Quinn and Nance completed Tevis in 2007.

Ride day: on the trail!

The Raven rests and eats with Quinn at the vet check at Foresthill at 68 miles. Only 32 more to go!

We all finished - we got our silver Tevis buckles!

Our pony is sleepy : )

Try getting the buckle away from the Raven...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The (Shopaholic) Raven

Saturday July 25 2009

The Raven is a bit of a shopaholic, which all started when he bought his clone off ebay:
Raven Clone

He had some fun shopping from the endurance vendors, Running Bear,

and Healthy As A Horse

at the Montana Fort Howes ride. He had Teddy of Running Bear, and Susan of Healthy As A Horse keep bringing him things to try out.

The Raven REALLY loved the silk Running Horses scarf by Laurel Burch.

He wouldn't let me see the bill of everything he bought.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Raven in Washington

Saturday June 13 2009

The Raven was in Seattle for niece Amanda's graduation from college. (The Raven is getting old!)

The Raven is pretty proud of Amanda

Time for a few touristy things. Like hanging out on the Sound.

And going to Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Of course, "Stay on the trail" does not apply to Ravens here, either.

A Raven in Yellowstone National Park

Thursday June 4 2009

En route to a gig in Montana, the Raven made a quick tour through Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.

So little time, so many places to go! Which way do we drive?

OBVIOUSLY, we head for Dunraven Pass!

We camped at Mammoth Hot Springs and got up early on the trails there before all the tourists (which of course did not include us.)

"Stay on the trails" obviously does not apply to The Raven.

It's good to see there are Ravens in Yellowstone!

What better place to conclude the Yellowstone quick tour but at the Raven Grill in Gardiner, MT.