Saturday, March 1, 2008

Raven Clone

Saturday March 1 2008

It was pretty darn traumatic when Raven I disappeared in Melbourne in April 2007.
(See Nevermore
and Raven Postscript

Perhaps it was not traumatic for the Raven - he's probably somewhere he's meant to be right now. But meanwhile, a Raven II was found just in time to continue the horse travel adventures, and now Raven II wants to make sure that if he disappears somewhere, another Raven will carry on.

He found this Raven clone on ebay. He put in a bid and won, and got the package in the mail.

He opened it up to find... Raven III! They are hanging out together, scheming on how to stockpile more Raven clones, just in case.


  1. valla con el cuervo sabe de todo.....

  2. valla con el cuervo sabe de todo.....

  3. This is soooo funny.
    Glad you have a spare. Know how sad you were when the first one got overwhelmed with all the travel.