Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garden of the Gods

December 4 2010

The Raven zipped down to Colorado, and revisited Garden of the Gods.

Bath Time

December 15 2010

It's high time The Raven had a bath!



look at the dirty water!

rinse cycle

dry cycle!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arizona Snowbird

December 19 2010

Ravens can be snowbirds too. The Raven flew south for the winter.

Marble Canyon and the Vermillion Cliffs of northern Arizona were goregous.

The Raven saw his first condors! Good thing they aren't attack birds.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gospel at Colonus in Edinburgh!

Friday August 20 2010

And now The Raven is at the Edinburgh International Festival to help mix sound for The Gospel at Colonus! We are one of the headline acts in this famous music and art festival.

Company manger Katina and husband Simian are big pals of The Raven.

The Raven's hotel

across from the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Too bad we don't have time to tour around on a double decker bus!

Rehearsal in the theatre.

The castle is very cool!

The show is a hit!

The Raven attends the reception on Opening Night, for casts and crews of the 4 of the headline shows in the Festival.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gospel at Colonus in St Paul!

August 5 2010

The Raven is in St Paul Minnesota this week to help run sound for The Gospel at Colonus!

(See his June 2008 archives for our last show in Athens!)

It's such a fantastic show, featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama (5 time Grammy winners), the Original Soul Stirrers, and the Steele Family. Plus some excellent actors and a knock-you-out choir.

We had a week run there.

Here's the Raven checking out the stage - the wall is a rebuild of the original Roman theatre we performed in in Athens.

The Raven untangling the sound gear.

The Raven checking out the evil eye protector we hung on the sound board.

I'm sure glad The Raven understands this fancy digital soundboard, because I sure don't!

An empty stage awaits the performers.

Time for a beer after a day and night of rehearsal.

The hungry Raven looking at the bar's menu.

Checking out the cathedral that was built starting in 1903.

Back to rehearsals.

The Raven was probably a performer in a former Raven life.

Opening night crowd!

And next is the Edinburgh International Festival! We head over the pond next week!

Tevis and The Raven: Two for Two!!

July 24 2010

The Raven completed Tevis for the second time in a row!!! It was Forever Dawn's second Tevis finish, and Nick's 4th or so.

Now - The Raven is five AERC endurance miles AHEAD OF ME!

That is UNHEARD OF for a Raven!!!