Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Raven at Tierras Al-Andalus

Saturday March 29 2008

The 8-day ride across Andalucia, Spain, begins today!

On the way to the start of the ride, the Raven greets his friend Paco again - they met last year at a ride in New Zealand, and meets his new friend and fan Jose Manuel Soto. Jose is a famous flamenco singer and television star from Andalucia, and the creator of this ride. That's Jose on the left, Paco on the right. The Raven is famous himself, of course, so he's happy to make Jose's acquaintance and is looking forward to hearing him sing.

It's a beautiful setting for a horse ride across Spain, and the Raven is ready to report... and party with the Andalusians, and riders from around the world.

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