Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in Europe

June 8 2008

The Raven is on the road again, back in Europe.

Right now he's staying with his old friends in Holland, the Lamsmas, where he helped with the Dutch Endurance Championships, helped celebrate Eric's birthday, and enjoyed walks along a canal by the house.

This trip is a mixed bag of work: covering more endurance rides, maybe squeezing in a fun ride or two, and, assisting me with sound engineering for the Gospel at Colonus play/musical we are putting on for one night, underneath the Acropolis in Athens. It's the story of Oedipus - a classical Greek tragedy - as told in a black church - and under the Acropolis! - how wild is that!

The Raven has never seen the show, and he's never been to Greece, so he can't wait.

But that's in two weekends. Meanwhile, the Raven is off to Sweden tomorrow to cover an endurance ride - Sweden! Another new country for him, and hopefully one where he can ride a horse!

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