Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Raven in Colorado

August 1 2008

What's the first thing the Raven sees when we pull into the family's driveway in Colorado Springs? A bear!

It's beautiful in the foothills below the Rocky Mountains.

Lots of wild birds around - the Raven checks out the bird feeder.

And the baby pool! The nieces didn't mind sharing with him.

The Bird takes on the nephews at pool.

The raven tries on a Wizard Hat.

One of the Raven's favorite places is Garden of the Gods.
The endangered peregrine falcon nests on this rock cliff in the spring.

You can see Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods was privately owned, and was donated by the owner to the city of Colorado Springs on the condition it would always be available as a park to the public.

It's a great place to climb. (or fly if you're a Raven).

As we all know, the Raven is a Starbucks drinker, so we went to visit nephew Matt, who works at a Starbucks.

The Raven had a breve.

And, what the heck, he was on vacation, so he had another.

Then, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain zoo!
The Raven got to feed the giraffes!

The zebras are cool.

Funky monkeys!

Cool boa.

The gorillas were very entertaining, although the Raven was kind of sad they had to live in cages.

But - best of all - was a RAVEN!! This Raven gets to travel around to schools and meet school children when she isn't hanging out at the zoo.

We both love the Raven

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