Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching Up

May 29 2010

Since The Raven is 150 miles behind his owner, he decided to try to catch up. Today, on Day 3 of the Owyhee Fandango, he rode with Kara and her horse Jack. They rode 60 miles, and here The Raven and Kara trot out Jack for his final vet inspection,

and await the vet's final word.

Jack completed! The Raven completed 60 more miles! Now he's only 90 miles behind his owner!

Now, he might ride the 100-mile Tevis with Kara and Jack... which means if he finishes, he'd be 10 miles AHEAD of his owner...

an UNHEARD OF accomplishment for a Raven...

Up top is The Raven with his special 4000-mile award from the Owyhee Ride.

1 comment:

  1. *applause for The Raven*

    That would be most excellent for him to finish Tevis again.

    Also, Merri, in looking through the pictures...I love Kara's half chaps with the conchos and fringe. Could you ask her where she got them?