Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 Days With Jose and 5000 miles!

Sunday October 2 2011

The Raven has been soooooooo busy, not least of which has been the last 5 days! The Raven rode and finished his first 5-day endurance ride, and he did it on his favorite horse, Jose!

Day 3 The Raven hit 5000 career endurance miles (likely the only Raven do ever do so). Finishing Day 5 was a thrill.

The Raven Loves Jose!

sharing an apple with Jose at a vet check

resting at a vet check while Jose eats

saddled up, ready for more miles!

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  1. merri, next time you're in germany please come visit us and in the morning between 8 and 9 please tell us what the heck is up with our crow community behind our house. this time of day they have what i call "crow conference" and it's just crazy. it sounds like....i cannot describe it. unearthly sounds. i'm sure you can interpret this. please come. we're between cologne and duesseldorf. i will show you cathedrals and castles if you like, and we have a guest room upstairs with a really comfy bed.