Monday, July 2, 2007

Raven II Rides Spain!

July 2 2007

We're visiting Bernat and Neus Cassals' farm Vilaformiu (old Catalonian language, meaning “beautiful house”), perched on side of foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, the “pre-Pyrenees” foothills, in Catalonia, the very northeast corner of Spain

The grooms working for Bernat saddled up the chestnut gelding Amazhig for us, the Raven hopped into his bag on the saddle, and off we went for a ride in the pre-Pyrenees mountains of Spain!

We started up the 'logging roads,' part of them connecting with a hiker trail that runs about 100 miles, and will take you through the Pyrenees into France.

Our horses had a good climb up, some of it steep, some of it on trails through the green rich forest, and when we got back onto a dirt road, we started trotting, switching-backing up and up, and the last few stretches we picked up a canter. My horse loped smoothly along, both of us squinting from the rocks flying up from the feet of Bernat's mount as they pelted us in the face. Up to the top we cantered, the top o' the world, where we had 3 directions of the compass spread out far below us – it was hazy/smoggy, but bello – beautiful!

The Raven enjoyed the view, and we saw a couple of vultures hanging high in the wind updrafts.

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