Monday, July 9, 2007

Roses on the Mediterranean

Monday July 9 2007

We're in the very northeast corner of Spain, on the Bahia de Roses (Bay of Roses) on the Mediterranean. It's a nice touristy little sea-side resort town, not too obnoxious.

It's a fun place to walk in the evening, past many beach clothing stores, restaurants, and gelato places (it's best to sample a few), and the boardwalk along the beach . The sunsets are quite spectacular – as most Mediterranean sunsets are – the rain clouds and sun clashing on the horizon and painting the near hills and the far mountains different colors, with, of course, a rainbow for dessert. The restaurants are crowded, and many people are out strolling, late into the night. This strolling about, sitting in restaurants late into the evening is a fine European pastime.

We're staying here while we visit a horseman at El Bagual Farm.

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